Welcome to the Bruzelius Family Association!

 Here we tell you about the history of the Bruzelius family, about our ancestor who was the first who bore the name Bruzelius, about the farm Brusås from which the name comes, about renowned members of our family, and more.
You can also find out more about our Family Association and if and how you can become a member, read our bylaws and see the associations calendar. 

We are working to build a completely digitized and searchable genealogy of the Bruzelius family. The registry is not yet finished, but will in the future make it possible for all descendants of Lars Nilsson at the farm Brusås in Hångers parish (died 1670) to seek their ancestors. This information will only be available to those who paid the fee to the Family Society.

The Bruzelius Family Foundation awards grants and scholarships to members of certain family branches. Information about the fund and the application forms are available under ”Släktfonden” above.

On our website are also pictures from various gatherings and other family events. We hope that our site will be developed into an exciting venue for the Bruzelius family. Please feel free to contribute ideas, texts or images! If so, contact the Webmaster at jeannette.forsen@gmail.com

At present, all texts and material on our website are in Swedish. However, if we note an interest from English speaking members of the Bruzelius family, we will translate as much as possible of the material into English.

The picture above shows a painting from about 1850 by the well-known Swedish painter, Kilian Zoll, portraying Andreas Bruzelius, Dean and Vicar of Norra Vram, with his wife and 14 of his 17 children (plus 3 sons-in-law and 1 daughter-in law).

Kort om släkten

Just nu finns det 260 personer i Sverige som bär efternamnet Bruzelius.

Ta del av vår släktförening på sociala medier.

Senaste nytt

Bilder från förr